Top 5 Useful Apps for Learning Chinese (putonghua)

        Google Play and App Store offer us a great deal of language learning apps. Before learning a language, I always install all of the available applications to study certain language in order to pick the most effective ones. Here I will add only those applications that used personally and I can surely say that they work. So, there you go:

Top 5 Useful Apps for Learning Chinese (putonghua)


1. HelloChinese. Suitable for absolute beginners that unlike other applications, explains the grammar of the language. The vocabulary is divided into topics that help in the use of words to practice. It confidently builds a base that will help you move on. You can complete either a free or premium app, but I would advise you buy a semi-premium account that helps speed up the passage of exciting games and practice listening to native speakers. HelloChinese works both online and offline.


2. ChineseSkill. This effective app is more advanced, but there are some language structures that sound a little bit unnatural, so I advise you to negotiate certain points with them. Vocabulary, as well as grammar, divided into topics and there are tests after each. Also, there are native speaker dialogues, which help to understand the "sounding" of the language. The free version of the application will be more than enough to study.


3. Trainchinese is an incredibly useful dictionary that includes the following features, such as correct writing of characters, their use in a sentence, measuring words and audios.

4. Pleco Chinese Dictionary.  I would recommend you pay a few dollars and use the app not only as a dictionary but also as a personal storage of recently learned words. You might also benefit using e-flashcards for practice words and create as many categories as you wish.

5. Google Translate. The translator is not perfect, however, it is an irreplaceable helper for those who are confused and can not bring everything together at the beginning of learning a language. The only feature I used was simultaneous translation dialogues in Chinese with natives.

Finally, I would suggest to turn off pinyin after studying to boost memorization characters. I would also advise you to exclude writing them on the screen while using the applications in order to do that on paper. 

Hope you find this article useful. Good luck with learning and never give up!



Autor: Serge Z.

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