Information on cooperation

BUKI - is a service for finding private tuition for students. With BUKI you are able to get students that suit you based on the following criteria: subject, lesson location, pay rate, preparation level. You can hold lessons both in person and online (Skype).

Below we’ve listed main rules of cooperation and Link to full Terms and Conditions document

Student requests


If you wish to take received request, please click “I wish to take the request” on the request page. After receiving new request, you will be notified via an SMS-message and an email.


If you do not wish to take received request, please click “Deny request”,to make this request available to other tutors.


If you was assigned for a request, you are obliged to contact your student as soon as possible to discuss details of the request (time, location, etc.).


As soon as you take request to work, all information related to this request will become available under “My requests” tab in you personal tutor cabinet.
After successful negotiations with your student. As soon as you’ve negotiated the date of the first lesson, indicate it in a special field on the request page.

If you’ve not reached to an agreement with you student. If you have not agreed to work with a student, be sure to immediately notify your manager in a chat from a request page on a website. In this case, the manager will remove the order from you and the amount to be paid for the request will NOT be charged. Additionally, make the appropriate changes (clarification on the schedule, rate, lesson location) to your profile, which were the reason for the lack of consent with a selected students, in order to receive only orders that are suitable to you in the future.

If tutor systematically does not call students and does not provide information regarding the agreement with a student to the manager, the profile rating will be reduced with possible further blockage of tutor profile.

Please, keep in mind, that we take into account the number of appointed to you orders that you declined (lost orders). If the percentage of your lost orders is rising and exceeds the average percentage among all tutors, we consider it as a proof of poor performance: it takes you too long to contact the client or you provide inaccurate information in your profile, etc. In that case you will receive the warning. If your performance will not improve (the number of lost orders will not decline), your profile will be temporarily blocked

Payment terms


For attracting a new student with whom classes are successfully conducted, one-time payment is calculated. The service fee is calculated according to the Public Offer and amounts to weekly income from classes with the student you received from this student request. The request payment (The service fee) can not be less than the cost of two hours of lessons calculated at the rate of the received request.

For example, your indicated rate is 40 PLN per hour. You received a request from a student who wants to learn 2 times a week for an hour. Accordingly, the cost of this order for you will be 40 PLN / h * 1 hr * 2 times a week = 80 PLN.


Pay for a request after your first lesson with your student, but not later than the final payment date (The request has to be paid for within 7 days from the date of the first class).


On the first day of the lesson, a “Pay“ button will appear on the request page - you are able to pay for our services using a card.


To receive new orders from students, all previous requests must be paid on time.


In case of late payment, your profile rating will be halved. If you do not pay for a request for a long time, your tutor profile will be blocked and you will not be able to take new student requests.