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BUKI School -
is a product from BUKI company

This is an online school with certified teachers.

At BUKI School you can study the following subjects:

  • Matematyka
  • Fizyka
  • Język polski
  • Chemia
  • Biologia
  • Język angielski
  • Język niemiecki
  • Język hiszpański

Classes are held online 1 on 1 with a teacher on an interactive platform.

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Over 130 000 reviews of our teachers

Karolina is the best teacher in the world. We have good results and I rate her work very highly.

Magdalena about the tutor

Mr Maciej is a good tutor.

Oliwia about the tutor

I am very pleased with our cooperation, they will continue.

Agnieszka about the tutor

You can immediately see the effects of tutoring with the tutor!

Jacek about the tutor

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